(All Yogayantra's TTCs meet Yoga Alliance's standards.
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All my 200-hour TTCs are open to BEGINNERS and even FIRST-TIMERS (they are like a white page, they don't have bad habits!!!)

 For more information on Yogayantra's 200-hour TTCs, please open the pdf documents down under. 

All are in Yogayantra's Facbook page, in Events


16 DECEMBER 2017 ~ 15 JANUARY 2018

Same place, DANG XINH YOGA & FITNESS, Hung Truong 25/2, Nha Trang. on FB; Ms Lan for information and to help book a place if you don't live in Nha Trang, or myself at as always


15-FEBRUARY ~ 15-MARCH 2018

Please contact Francisca at, or myself at as always


16-APRIL ~ 14-MAY 2018

As always, held at FANLING YOGA STUDIO, Ren Min Guang Chang, Shanghai City-centre. I teach in English and Chinese for the physical parts and with a Chinese translator for the theory: anatomy, philosophy, teaching methodology.


1-JUNE ~ 29-JUNE 2018

Please contact, Dmitri, for price, information, accommodation. It is on Lamai.

200-hour TTC: TAIDONG (Taitung), TAIWAN


For  registration, price, if you need accommodation in Taitung, please contact Kite and Mark; Address: Duli, Taitung, Taiwan; mobile +886 988710814; Email:

                                                           300-hour TTC: SHANGHAI, CHINA

                                                         29-OCTOBER ~ 12-DECEMBER 2018

For  registration, price, if you need accommodation in Shanghai, please contact Daisy Yuan at This ttc is held at FANLIN YOGA Studio, new location at Shaanxi Bei Lu / Yan An Xi Ly




         Asanas: I teach the Vinyasa-style which is the art of sequencing with the accuracy of "Iyengar" style. I also teach modifications to suit your own practice (and teaching) to empower each student to decide for yourself how far to go. Through your practice, you will develop a greater awareness and intelligence of your own body. The practice of all yogic techniques is an ongoing process and a TTC is just a begininng, entering onto the yogic path. See "content of ttc.pdf" down under.

Yogayantra's 200-TTCs are for all students: beginners to advanced practitioners. TTCs are not just for those who want to teach. They can be a unique opportunity to deepen your yoga-asana practice, and to discover topics not taught in public classes such as deep pranayama, meditation techniques, yoga-related anatomy, philosophy and history of Yoga. These TTCs are also open to anyone on a drop-in basis. I now have years of experience teaching TTCs and retreats.

       Yogayantra is a member of Yoga Alliance, its TTCs meets their standards for 200 hours and 500 hours.

Note: To join my 200 hour TTCs you don't need any special preparation. My TTCs are deep and constructive, and I give all students guidance for ongoing studies. Because yoga is not something we learn in 200 hours --it's an ongoing process, a TTC is just opening the door to the infinite world of Yoga. I help students as I would have liked to be helped myself. Although I attended many TTCs I never got the real understanding, particularly in the field of philosophy and anatomy. That’s why my TTCs focus on providing this kind of guidance and teaching.


content of Yogayantra 200 hr ttcs and FAQs.pdf content of Yogayantra 200 hr ttcs and FAQs.pdf
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content of Yogayantra 300 hr ttcs and FAQs.pdf content of Yogayantra 300 hr ttcs and FAQs.pdf
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